EN/ Preto Sans Development

The new typeface family Preto Sans has been released after a longer time period. Some hidden details will be shown in this article.

Work on the project:
2008 – 2009 – Studies at Type and Media, Preto family (Sans, Semi and Serif) as a  diploma project (Beta version)
After 2009 – comparing the characters across the families and refining them
October 2011 – Preto Sans released

Preto Sans Basic: 8 fonts, 415 glyphs per font
Preto Sans: 8 fonts, 540 glyphs per font

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EN/ Design weekend Bratislava

The event with the well known name all around the world Dizajn vikend (Design weekend) took the place in Bratislava last week(end). This 3rd year was situated in Pisztory Palace (Lenin’s Museum in the past). Palace showed a very nice selection of works by slovak designers and designers from abroad. There was also place for type design among other design categories.

The corporate identity concept was based on showcase of slovak typefaces of the young generation. Visitors could compare the typefaces in the exhibition space and on propagation materials as well. Below are some type-pictures from the exhibition.

More about Design weekend

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EN/ TypoTopo Workshop

Typographic Workshop for Students of Visual Communication from Visegrad Countries
24 October – 30 October 2011
FreeDom Gallery, Bahon, Slovak Republic
Deadline for regi­stra­tion: 12 October 2011

More info: multitalent.in
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TypoTopo workshop theme
As the title implies, the workshop will look at the relation between typography and topography. We don’t want people to simply redraw images/objects using a computer. Rather, students will search for inspiration in topography (however this is interpreted) and apply it to type design. The workshop will give students an opportunity to learn the basics of drawing fonts, correctly drawing Bézier curves, spot and fix optical mistakes, sketch type, work in Fontlab and advance their skills to create a usable working font.

EN/ Cutting Board (m)

During summer I was working on this cutting board. Maximize the space for the meal and fit-in the letter in the decent shape produced this fatty ;)

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EN/ TypoBox (TypoKabinet)

A box? Black box? Wooden letters on the top?

Well yes! Type design exhibition in a very interesting form!

There is an exhibition of most recent typeface design from Slovakia going on right now! You can open any drawer on the box you like and explore the selected typeface. Now exhibited in “Dom Umenia” in Bratislava, but TypoKabinet will probably travel to surrounding countries soon!

TypoKabinet is part of the exhibition 20 years of Slovak Design Centre and the idea to show typefaces in this box was made by Palo Bálik.

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